Is installation free?

Installation will be done free of charge by PE Plus. For the Solar Water Heater, hot and cold water line plumbing should be done at the nominated place as advised by the customer service team by the customer.

What about the warranty?

Warranty will be given for a period of 10 years for any manufacturing defects. It limits to repair / replace any part of the system other than the electrical elements and the float valve. Electrical elements have 12 months replacement warranty.

Is any electricity required for operation of the system?

No. Electricity is not required for heating or circulation of water or for any other operation in the system. However, if required a back-up heater is provided to take care of hot water requirement during cloudy days which will use electricity.

What is a pressure and non-pressure system?

a) Pressure system:
If the customer requires using a pressure pump to the hot water system, the customer should acquire a pressure type system.

b) Non-pressure system:
If the pressure-head of the overhead water tank is more than 2.5m from the system, then the customer can opt for a non-pressure type solar water heater.

Does the system produce electricity?

No. None of the solar water heating systems produce electricity as the sole purpose is only to heat water.

How would it appear once it is fixed on the roof?

You could use our tool to submit the image of your house and we will do the needful.

How much the system will cost?

Please do contact us in order to determine the size of the system that suits your household and to provide you with the price.

Capacity Estimated requirement of hot water Capacity No. of personnel No. of bathroom No. of bathroom
80 Ltr 2 1
100 Ltr 2 – 3 1
150 Ltr 3 - 4 2
200 Ltr 4 – 6 3
300 Ltr 6 - 9 3 - 4

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